I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Dani is a loner, she likes to keep to herself not drawing attention and her home life isn't that great either. Stan is her abusive step dad and her mum who will do nothing because she lives in fear from Stan, so she decides to run away she doesn't want to leave her mum but she can't take it anymore after everything and she does something about it.Out on her own she has no where to go when all of a sudden she is attacked and she has no turned into something that will change her life forever. This book is dual POV with Dani telling her story and so does her brother Paul who has his own story to tell. Things are not what they seem between the Ruemisuds and the Rhowels the two different factions of vampires Paul dosen't know what to believe and Dani seems to have a part in it and she doesn't know the power she holds.There is some romance in the book when it happens it feels rushed I understand the rush part in a way but I did not like where it went. Also has a warning this book is very gory, the descriptions are graphic and it can and will turn your stomach, I didn't mind it but some people won't like it.I enjoyed this book I didn't realize there would be a second book it isn't a cliffhanger it will just continue the story from where it left off, I will read the second book to find out how everything goes down. This was a good debut from the author and I look forward to more of her books.

- Angie's Reading Dungeon

This book was gifted from the Author for an honest review.
We gave this book 5 stars.
This review was left by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer. Thank you Melissa.


So what happens to someone when they are abused at home? Run a away and become a vampire of course. This is what happened to Dani Cooper when she decided to leave an abusive household. Not that she chose to be in the middle of a war between rivaling Vampire clans but that's what happened. Trying to save her friend and herself she has to learn that life (even as a vampire) isn't always going to be easy. Follow Dani as she discovers the hard knocks in life while trying to stay true to herself.

My take

Well I'm not usually big on paranormal books but this one was worth it. I couldn't help but be swallowed in to the characters and the twists that were their lives. Having the book go from Dani to Paul was seamless and though I have read books that have confused me with the simultaneous stories I was not with this one. I felt the love story part of it went really fast for me but in a way it made sense as well. I liked Matt and Dani.

The writing was excellent and very descriptive. Sometimes when things are too descriptive it can make a book mundane but I didn't feel this way. I was impressed and encourage everyone to read it. I do look forward to the next book to see what happens. The ending to this one was least to say gripping and frustrating that it ended.

5 Stars with no doubt.

- Books&Dreams

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Dark Incidence
Dark Incidence by A.G.Liam Is one of my favorite books of the year!!! It's a paranormal/romance novel. Dark Incidence in my opinion, is a great story with a great set of characters.The book is virtually about a girl who runs away from her abusive home and gets turned into something more.
Now, I don't want to be to spoiler(y) just know that you will not be disappointed with this book! Also, it is written in first person (which I love). I give this book 10/10

-Wicked Reads Review Team

A.G. Liam writes so beautifully and it’s no wonder I fell for this story the moment I started reading it. Dark Incidence starts with Dani trying to save a friend from a hideous monster and then back tracks to her deciding to run away. This story does this often back and forth working its way to the point of everything coming together and the reader having an “Aha” moment. It might confuse some but it worked so well for this story. There were parts of the story (not gonna ruin it) that I just couldn’t read due to the gruesome factor (heebie jeebies) other than that it was well worth it. I could totally see this as a movie some day. I couldn’t put this book down and would recommend it to others, and finally cannot wait for the next book!

- Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

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Dark Incidence is a vampire story unlike any other that I’ve read before. I loved many aspects of this book. The characters were very likable, chapters flowed well with good pacing, scenes were described perfectly and the editing was practically flawless. This story is mostly told in alternating POV’s between Paul and Dani, with the exception of the prologue. Dani and Paul have different struggles and scenarios to contend with but they are both equally interesting to read and learn about.

The author in my opinion does a very thorough job with character development. She slowly introduces every vital character to the reader at just the right moment. However, I do feel that Matt and Danis relationship could have been a little more in-depth. I had some trouble personally relating to their emotions and actions toward one other, simply because everything happened so fast between them. I still very much enjoyed their journey together nonetheless.

The ending of Dark Incidence will definitely leave you wondering to yourself, “What will happen next to everyone involved?” I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy a vampire rival storyline, filled with little tidbits of romance throughout. The tension between the Ruemisuds and Rhowels is very strong and quite intriguing.

I SERIOUSLY can’t wait until the next installment of this series!

Overall, I give Dark Incidence, 4 VAMPIRE LOVIN’ STARS!

- www.jamiesroberts.com